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Baltimore, MD Indian Wedding by Photographick Studios


Hauppauge, New York Wedding by KSD Weddings


Arun Ramamurthy is a versatile violinist, performing in various styles including Carnatic, Hindustani, jazz, rock, western classical and other fusion genres. Rooted in the Carnatic tradition but born and raised in the US, Arun bridges his worlds together to make music that is accessible to all. Trained by renowned violin virtuoso Dr. Mysore Manjunath, Arun has become one of the world's leading Indian Classical and crossover musicians. He leads the Arun Ramamurthy Trio, an ensemble that brings a fresh approach to age-old South Indian classical repertoire in the context of a Jazz trio. He also leads Banyan Trees, a exciting blend of Indian Classical and rock. His classical and crossover projects have brought him to prestigious stages like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, The Jazz Gallery, (le) Poisson Rouge, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pioneer Works and many more. Arun is a co-founder and Vice President of Brooklyn Raga Massive, a globally recognized collective of forward thinking musicians rooted-in and inspired-by the classical music of India. With access and working relationships with a multitude of accomplished instrumentalists and vocalists from around the world, Arun can curate a band that is ideal for your wedding.








Arun Ramamurthy


New York City, NY, Indian Wedding by Charmi Peña Photography

A wedding so rich in color and detail almost always foreshadows an equally phenomenal reception, and with Charmi Pena Photography to cover it all, we knew we were in for a visual treat! Nirupama and Athmeya’s reception was hosted at the NYU Rosenthal Pavilion, that overlooks Washington Square and offers stunning Fifth Avenue skyline views. Be...


New York City, NY, Indian Wedding by Charmi Peña Photography

Nirupama and Athmeya’s contemporary Indian wedding in the heart of New York City is the embodiment of elegance and a modern flair! Charmi Peña Photography truly made the entire event come alive by capturing all the stunning details and the color galore. Arun Ramamurthy and his team of musicians, Jay Gandhi, and Ehron Hansen, set a...


New York City, NY, Indian Wedding by Charmi Peña Photography

New York City weddings always come with an unparalleled charm, so Nirupama and Athmeya’s wedding was right up our alley for so many reasons, we don’t know where to begin! Off late, we’ve been swooning over the idea of a wedding festooned in rich, striking colors (we blame Fall!), so when we saw Nirupama and Athmeya’s nuptial...



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